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Do you want to use a coca liquor feed pump? Teckru is a leading expert in cocoa processing systems. We offer a variety of different feed pump models. Moreover, our specialists have experience with all generations of equipment that are being used in the cocoa industry. Are you looking to buy new parts? Then browse our collection online.

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Cacoa butter press

Advanced cocoa bean processing machinery that you can buy at our company

A cocoa liquor feed pump is an essential part for the production of cocoa butter, oil, and other cocoa food products. Therefore, we understand that you want to ensure that the quality standards of these parts live up to your expectation. We offer only high-quality parts and products. Are you interested in multiple products aside from a cocoa liquor feed pump? We also offer equipment such as:

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If you want to order one of the cocoa liquor feed pump models that we have available, then contact our experts. Select the model that you want and request a personalized estimate. Do you have any additional questions, or would you like additional information about the other equipment that we offer? Then feel free to contact us. We are happy to help with any questions that you may have. 

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