Teckru & Teckru Projects is delivering solutions for the cocoa industry. We are active in the area of machines and installations for cocoa processing plants. This concerns various food processing machines like cocoa butter presses and mills for grinding cocoa liquor and powder.

We offer high quality in our own range of systems which covers all items for the pressing of cocoa liquor, milling of powder and filtering or tempering of butter. In addition we offer new systems for the intake and cleaning of cocoa beans as well. To seamlessly integrate this equipment into a factory flow we offer all the necessary utilities and engineering as well.

Besides new equipement Teckru can also upgrade and supply a multitude of spares for existing machines for all known brands. We are confident that we can offer the industry excellent service and very competitive prices.

In the past we have been working on numerous projects concerning upgrades, capacity and quality improvements. We are always increasing our know-how and experience with all kinds of cocoa processing equipment.

Our company offers the following strong points:

  • Highest quality and capacity with reliable performance
  • Very attractive competitive prices (10-40%) because of low overhead costs and direct contact
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic, flexible and service minded, to serve you better
  • Know how and long experience in the cocoa industry
  • Keen to reach better results with new and existing machinery

Working at Teckru?
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