Butter pressing systems

As one of the few companies in the world we supply the cocoa industry with state-of-the-art cocoa butter presses. Presses are used for pressing the butter content out of a batch of cocoa liquor, then discharging cocoa cakes with the desired leftover fat content. The leftover fat content is typically 10 to…

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Powder milling & stabilisation

Based the latest insights in the handling of cocoa powder, Teckru can supply a very efficient stabilising system. Adding our powder stabilising unit to the TCM mill completes the system, in which the powder production process is fully enclosed. Kibbled cake from the presses can be packed as stabilized powder in just…

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Other processing equipment

For continuous filtration of pressed liquid butter. It consists of a vessel containing specially designed filter candles and utilities. The filter material has been selected specifically for the processing of cocoa butter. The system features a cleaning facility that can be started when desired, to bring the filter back to optimal production…

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Nuts and oilseeds processing

There is rising interest in further processing of different nuts and oilseeds, like separation and refinement of their oil and flour component. Fortunately many of the originally cocoa-aimed systems are perfectly suitable for nuts and oilseeds…

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We offer new systems for the complete cocoa processing flow. This include cocoa butter pressing installations, powder milling and stabilising installations, but also bean winnowing, nib roasting, butter deodorising, liquor grinding and many more.

In addition we can take care of product storage and conveying, plant design, utilities and also operator training.

To summarize the general benefits our company has to offer:

  • Excellent quality and durability: All materials used in manufacturing our machines are of high quality and durability, like high grade and heat treated steel alloys. This contributes to a long lifetime of our systems.
  • High but realistic capacities, which hold over the years. Teckru will always be realistic when putting forward system capacities. Regardless, we can be confident that our systems are competitive and keep producing as stated.
  • Low downtime and maintenance costs: Because of our long and intensive practical experience, we have improved even the tiniest details of our systems. This goes particularly for our cocoa butter presses, which are built to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with minimum maintenance.

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