We offer full service in engineering and project realisation. This can be for new turn-key installations or for modernisation and capacity increase of existing plants. The Teckru Projects division specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of complete machines and installations. Besides new equipment Teckru Projects is also active in the repair, overhaul and modernisation of existing machines and plants. Mostly in the area of processing cocoa beans to cocoa powder and butter, but especially in the area of cocoa butter presses.

Some examples of successful projects:

  • New cocoa processing plant
  • Overhaul of a cocoa processing plant
  • Upgraded cocoa processing plant
  • Overhaul of a bean cleaning section
  • Installation of a powder section with utilities
  • Installation of butter/liquor tempering & packing line
  • Press upgraded from 14 to 16 pots
  • Press upgrade with new cocoa liquor filling systems

Used & traded-in

We are a supplier of new equipment for the cocoa and chocolate industry. By doing projects we often come across machinery which has to be replaced by new equipment. Since we get many requests to help out in case of relatively small capacity projects and/or starting companies in cocoa processing. We feel that it could…

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