Teckru supplies spare parts for several types of cocoa processing machines. These machines include cocoa butter presses, hydraulic units, bean breakers and liquor grinders. On this page we present some of the more common spare parts.

All the mentioned parts are manufactured from European quality high-grade materials.

We offer many spare parts or replacements for all common brands directly from stock. Please contact us on which part(s) you require. After that, we will send you more information and a no-obligation quotation in short notice.

For Cocoa butter presses

We offer spares for all brands and all types of cocoa butter presses. We maintain a considerable stock of items like felt cords and filter screens to shorten delivery time.

  • Felt cords
  • Filter and support screens with Teflon cords
  • Filter/press plates – original or slanted groove
  • Closing springs
  • Bearing shields and bearing blocks
  • Complete pots and counter-pots
  • Replacement tie rods
  • Flexible hoses (either for steam or liquor)
  • and much more

For Hydraulic units

We offer spares for all brands and types of hydraulic units used to power cocoa butter presses. We have many types of valves and filters on stock.

  • Hydraulic valves
  • Hydraulic low or high pressure pumps
  • Oil filters
  • Oil coolers
  • and much more

Cocoa powder milling systems

We supply spares for most types of cocoa powder mills. This includes pin mills but also the newer classifier mills.

  • Grinding blocks/hammers or grinding pins
  • Liner segments
  • Grinding disks
  • Complete classifiers
  • Shroud rings/diffusors
  • Drive and bearing housing components
  • Air filter candles and HEPA filter modules
  • and much more

Cocoa liquor grinding systems

Spares for cocoa liquor grinding systems. We offer different sizes of grinding balls for all types of cocoa liquor ball mills. For beater blade mills we have several models of blades/knives available.

  • Grinding balls
  • Milling knives
  • Milling disks or pins
  • and much more

Cocoa breakers and crushers

We supply replacement parts for cocoa breakers and crushers, such as:    

  • Breaker hammers
  • Bean impact plates
  • Bean throwers
  • Many types of wear plates
  • and much more

Cocoa liquor gear pumps

We supply replacement parts for cocoa liquor & butter pumps, such as:

  • Gears
  • Idlers
  • Liners (for Duyvis and Teckru models)
  • Drive components (like geared motors)
  • and much more
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